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Sep '95
His law, Covenant
GOD clearly says from Gen to Rev obey Him, but satan teaches grace alone,
100% contrary to Mat19:17 Jn14 and 15 Rom2:13 1Cor7:19 Heb Jm and 100s more.
GOD clearly says the law thru faith grows us INTO Christ Acts26:18 Gal2:16; 3:24
(Eph4:15 1Jn2:24,27) but satan teaches all sinning believers 1Jn2:6; 3:6.
GOD clearly proves this Gal2:19 "thru the law I died to the law" 3:23,24
"kept under the law...our schoolmaster into Christ."
GOD clearly established and continues the law Rom3:31; 7:7,12,14,22 till we faith-
fully fulfill Spirit demands to justification, righteousness, complete in Christ.
GOD clearly began His Spirit law with Adam, so fallen man 1Cor15:22a must
obey the Spirit Jn14 1Pet1 into Rom7:17,20,24,25 into Jn15 Rom8:1-4 as Him.
GOD clearly says His promises are "thru the faith in Christ" Rom3:22
Gal2:16,20(in); 3:22 Eph3:12 Phil3:9 but few copy or of His faith.
GOD clearly proves this "born of Him" 1Cor1:30 1Jn3:9; 5 "partake of His nature"
Jn17 2Pet1:4 truly as Him, in Him, of Him into His image NOW.
GOD's covenant, promise with Abram Gen15 was believed, testing thru 10yrs 16:3,16
his faith to believe and obey Spirit messages.
GOD later demanded perfection of the new man 17:1,5 giving him a son after
14yrs 21:5 of working faith, patience to prove worthy 17:10.
GOD's pattern of testing our worthiness for His circumcision continues
Heb12:5-13 Jm1:3,4,12 2Pet1:5-10 into 4,11 so Rom6:6 Col2:11; 3:10 if 1-3.
GOD's eternal covenant Gal3:16,17a is "in Christ" and only applies to qualified,
worthy 3:25-29 never to willful sinning believers 2Tim2:19!
GOD's chosen only Eph1:3-5 "into adoption," 2:6 "in heaven," 2:13 "in the blood,"
2:15 "into one new man" all proving Eph4:15 Heb10:19; 12:22,23.
GOD's circumcised Phil3:3 Jn4:22-24 Rom2:29 are now Judah, Jacob, Israel
Rom11:16-26 "in the circumcision" Col2:11,12.
GOD's covenant is to holy Israel in Christ Eph2:10-22, as sinners are aliens,
sons of satan 2:2,12 Heb7:26 1Jn3:8,10 Rev3:9.
 Robert Bristow
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