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Nov '96
Jesus the true Rock
GOD in flesh, Jesus, Is9:6 1Tim3:16 Tit3:4,6 1Jn5:20 promised to rule
Is9:7 Jer23:5b Lk1:33 thru His kingdom.
GOD's kingdom is "in Him" Rom14:17, separate Heb7:24-8:2; 9:3,
attained by few 1Jn2:6; 3:6, ceased sin 1Pet4:1 2Pet1:10 into 4,11,12.
GOD demands Mat16:24-28; 19:21-30 Mk8:34-38; 10:21-30 Lk9:23-27(Acts14:22)
for His holy gifts in Him, sin is death Rom6:23a.
GOD had Simon Mt27:32 Mk15:21 Lk23:26 for Jesus so He "went forth to bear"
Jn19:17 our 1Jn3:5, our example to bastazo.
GOD confirms bastazo in Mat3:11 not worthy to bear, Lk14:27 not bear his cross,
Jn16:2 cannot bear, Acts9:15 bear My name.
GOD confirms bastazo in Rom11:18 not bear the root, Rom15:1 bear infirmities,
Gal5:10 bear judgement, Gal6:17 bear marks of Jesus in my body.
GOD's own grow from Rev2:2 "cannot bear evil men" till perfect love and faith
1Jn2:5; 4 Jam2:22 even Mat5:44,48 that Eph4:15 Col1:28.
GOD clearly declares our evil nature Ps51:5 Mat7:11 Rom1-3 but few believers
obey Him Rom6:15-22 into His life.
GOD's way to His nature is hard so few enter Mat7:13-23; 11:12; 19:17
as He alone "destroys our body of sin" Rom6:6; 7:25.
GOD's few Mat22:14 Lk13:18-30; 20:35,36 must continue to obey Phil2:12 Heb5:9
to retain Jn15 level, yet 50% fall away Mat24 and 25.
GOD promised a "Rock of offence" Is8:13-18 Rom9:33 1Cor10:4 Mat21:42-44 1Pet2:4,6-8 Mat16:18
Christ the Holy Word Jn1:1,14 1Jn5:7 offending haters of truth, mere mouth and most anointed
Jn6:47-70; 8:40-47; 15:22-25, but His own Mat11:6 Lk7:23 Jn15; 16:1 He dikaioo Lk20:18a
Jer18:4-6 Zech14:20,21 others Lk9:26; 20:18b Jer19.
GOD promised truth Deut32:1-43 Is9:6,7 Jn1:17 to experience, live, walk, not mere mouth Jm2:19
as Jn3:3 is partial 3:21; 8:32; 14:6,15-23 1Pet1:22,23 1Jn2:20-27 but Jn3:5 is full 4:22b-24; 15;
16:13; 17:13-23; 18:37 so 1Jn2:6 level also "bear witness" 2Cor4:1-6:10 1Jn3:2-4:6
but most believers 2Thes2:7-12 2Tim2:15-3:9,16-4:4.
GOD promised light Mat4:13-16 Jn1:1-9; 3:17-21; 8:12; 12:35-46, some follow, obey, seek,
Pr6:23 Ps43:3 Jn3:21 Rom13:10-14 Eph5:13,14 1Jn1:5,6; 2:8-11 but sin is darkness so few abide
Job33:28,30 Ps27:1; 36:9; 37:6; 56:13 Eph5:8 Col1:12 1Thes5 1Pet2:5,9 1Jn1:7 so most believers lost
Is10:16-23 Rom9:27,28; 11:26 2Cor4 1Sam2:9.
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