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Profs Roger Green and
Jonathan Raymond
Jan '98 Part 4
Word and Deed
GOD, many years ago, expressed His will to Gen Burrows that SA do a "new thing",
but no one correctly discerned His desire for an SA true Christian school system.
GOD continues to supply vast resources, both cash and talent, but SA squanders
much thru unwise worldy programs and services, rather than His co-mission.
GOD will establish true Christian schools using SA teachers qualified by Him at 
Jn14 level min, enabling His full truth be taught, not the current half truth/lies.
GOD's holiness or godliness is grossly mistaught, no sinning believer can possibly
be a partaker of His true, pure nature..sin is not the image of Christ Jesus.
GOD's nature is a gift we grow into, a process as He cleans and purges out sin, 
after Jn3:3; 14 1Jn2:27 level, as His filling or power is essential to be fire purged.
GOD demands a change in our character or conduct 1Pet1:15 proving we must
participate in His cleaning, purging work, contrary to your current teaching.
GOD's new, refined SA will teach all His truth in later issues of Word and Deed,
thru SA schools and all Bible based programs and services, as He co-missions anew.
 Robert Bristow

Word and Deed editors Roger Green & Jonathan Raymond
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