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Rev A L Barry,
Dec '97 Part 1
GOD in flesh, Jesus, initiated a type of sharing of His blood and body at Passover
when all of the true faith gather to commemorate Ex12 Lev23:4-8 as He commands.
GOD's true sharing of His blood and body is for His elect who literally suffer for Him,
so are fellow-partakers of His death or His holy saints, literally living 1Jn2:6; 3:6,9.
GOD's word qualifies a true holy communion or fellow-partaking for His chosen, worthy,
but the Judas church disgraces Christ by declaring satan's sinners equally qualify.
GOD's word says all in Christ qualify to partake 1Cor1:2; 10:16-22, not any sinning believer,
so 1Cor11:26-31 also qualifies the worthy "showing His death," as in 2Cor4:11-7:1.
GOD clearly condemns mere confessors and most anointed still in sin for eating, as sin
is the cup of demons, partaking at the demons' table, as most Christians do Rev3:9.
GOD never allows sin in His presence Heb7:26 1Jn3:5,6 so few believers attain
and endure to Mt24:31; 25:6,10 Rev14:1-4,12; 19:7-9.
GOD is holy, His body is holy 1Pet1:15,16 as Him 1Jn2:6, so His members are perfect
Mt5:48 1Cor2:6; 12:12-28a 1Jn3:6.
 Robert Bristow
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Rev A.L. Barry