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Rev Bill Hybels,
Oct '95
GOD's subjects
GOD's holy, inerrant word from Gen-Rev is His total written message, much a mystery
yet to be revealed to His holy, Ps25:14 Pr3:32 Amos3:7 Jn16:13,25 Rev17:9.
GOD's holy secrets are revealed to saints (not sinners) as they hear
and believe His voice 1Cor1:2; 2:6,10-15; 4:15 qualifies 2:16.
GOD's holy Zion is His Heb8:2; 9:3; 10:19 1Jn2:6; 3:6,9 clearly qualified thru O.T.
Ps2:6; 9:11,14; 69:35; 78:68; 99:2; 102; 125:1; 132:13 Is Mic Zech and more.
...all proving Heb12:22,23 is now, "you are come," for a few abiding in Christ in heaven
Mat11:12; 13 Eph1:3; 2:6 Col1:13 2Pet1.
Is62 righteousness, salvation, a new name, crown of glory, GOD rejoices, holy people,
redeemed of the Lord is 1Cor1:30.
Joel My holy mountain, in Zion is deliverance, the Lord GOD dwells in Zion
is Zech14:4 Rom6 freed, 1Cor3:16; 6:15-19, Eph2:18-22.
so His total word qualifies truth when we adhere to the law of text
thru endless prayer in spirit, if already 2Pet1:4,11,12.
GOD's holy kingdom is for subjects (not sin) in Him Rom6:6,16-22;
7:6,24-8:4,9; 14:17 so Mat Mk Lk Jn qualifies very few worthy thru...
5:20 righteousness, 7:21 do His will, 11:12 violent, 12:28 clean, 13:32 grown,
13:44-46 cost, 18:4 humble, 6:14; 18:23-35 forgive, 19:21 obey, 20 labour,
21 believe, repent, deeds, 22:8 worthy, 25 retain Spirit, faithful,
4:28 full corn, 9:47,49 fire purged, 12:34 love, 9:62 endure, 13:24 strive,
14:15 partake, 17:21 merely seen(Jn3:3;14 only), 21:37,31 witness
(Heb12,1,2 Rev11:3; 17:9; 21:2,3,7), 3:5 born of Jer2:13; 17:13
(Jn2:6-9; 4:14,22b Joel3:18 Mk10:39 Lk12:50; 22:42 1Cor12:13 into
6:11 Jn13:8 Tit3:5 Heb10:22 born of Rom3:25,26; 6:3-8 Col2:12,19 into Eph2:10)...
so He works His will Ps127:1 Rom9 Jn1:13; 15:16 1Cor4:20; 15:24 Acts14:22
2Thes1:3-5 Jam2:5 Rev1:9, is known to Amos3:7 Ps25:14 Pr3:32 Eph1.
GOD's holy resurrection is for His bride, children, gold, jewels,
if remain pure and worthy as 50% fall, return to sin 2Thes2.
Mat22:30 as angels of GOD, Mk12:25 as angels in heaven, Lk14:14 just,
20:35,36 worthy, equal to angels, of GOD, Jn5:29 do good, 6:27-65 labour into life,
believe, partake, Spirit, 11:25 believe in, Rom6:5 if dead, Phil3:9-15 working...
all proving Is61:10 Mal3:16,17 1Cor1:8; 15 Eph5:27 Phil2:12-16 1Thes5:23
into 4:16,17 Rev11:11,12; 20:4,6 Rom8:23-25 Mk13:13...
so His total word qualifies a few will rise, if 1Pet1:7 Rev3:18 2Cor5:2,3,5
Rev3:4,5; 6:9-11; 7:9,14; 14:12-16; 19:8,14 Rom10:13.
 Robert Bristow
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